Thursday, January 20, 2011

20 Jan. 2011??

What numbers written above??? A date?? hahah, I was kidding guys. Today is my first day using blog due to my assignment for TSL 641. The main reason I opened this blog just for my academic purpose, and not for interacting (liar!!!!) hik3

Back to my idea, hmmmm what should I say about the blog (of course it is like a diary =P).. It's like a temptation to write what is happening in our own life, the event, the moment, the time which is captured off the best moment and to be shared with the viewers (damnnnn cheeeewaaah).

THIS is my FIRST day using it, my FIRST entry, my FIRST writing work on it and I hope you guys out there can share the same thing to me. I'm allowing any comment OR advice OR critics and ETC (i don't mind)..

Nice meeting y'll (sorry im not a racist person)!!! *knocking table*


  1. bestnye blog anda..
    nnti saya akn selalu jengah2 blog anda ya..

    sy follow tau..


    *ade rase mcm nak terajang aku x??

  2. wah.
    hebat la blog ni!
    kenapa la tak perasan kewujudan blog ni drpd dulu?

  3. adie: kompem2 aku akn teranjang ko..
    zami: adesss it hurts my heart *blog aku tuk academic purpose only*